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Real Yankee Fans' Journal

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

8:25PM - Yankees

Yankees are playing the Boston Red Sox tonight. Scary that we'll definately win and go to the world series. Like usual. Anyway, I believe we will win and i'm not too sure at the moment who we will play in the world series. I was thinking it would be the Atlanta Braves but i was wrong. Oh Well. hehehe. Thats all for now. More Later when we win. TTYL

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Monday, October 11, 2004


Hey ! Thanks for accepting me into your community. I am a big-time die hard Yankees fan. Thought I'd tell you maybe a bit about myself ..  Well my name is Kaitlyn. I live in New York. I love the Yankees and Yogi Berra. Watch them whenever I can which is mostly every night they are on but if it's important games like this week is gonna be, I make sure I won't miss it ! Would you like me to promote this community into other communities so their are more members? Let me know!

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9:29AM - Hey everybody

Hi! My name is Kassie and i'm a big time NY Yankees fan. I love them and watch them 24-7. I made this community so other Yankees fans can talk and read what others think. I also welcome other baseball fans. So your welcome to join.